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Longboards, skateboard decks, vintage skateboards. Whatever you plan to skate or collect you can find it for sale on . Find that missing 80's board from your collection. Santa Cruz, Powell Peralta, Vision, Bone Brigade, Dogtown. There are even vintage shirts, stickers and skate contest banners.

Show off your old skate decks!

Got a rare board sitting in a closet? We want to see it. We will be adding a photo gallery where you can login, upload and share your old skateboards, decks, wheels, skate park passes. Bookmark us and check back!

When old school isn't always vintage

Many skateboard companies are now releasing "Old School" skateboard designs. These decks, and complete skateboards, are reproductions of the originals from the 70's, 80's and 90's. They maintain the larger board shape and graphics, but are not old. If you are looking for the "real deal" be sure to read and ask questions. Many original old skate decks will be classified as vintage or rare.

Skate Shirts

New and vintage skate t-shirts. Pick up your favorite... Powell Peralta, Bones, Vision, Sims, Vision Street Wear, Blind, Independent Trucks, DC Skateboards and more.... check them under our Skate Shirts.

1978 Skateboard Kings video

British documentary television show "The World About Us" visits Dogtown in 1978. Surfing, skateboarding and the lifestyle. Features skaterboarders Tony Alva, Jerry Valdez, Billy Yeron, Paul Constantineau, Shogo Kubo, Stacey Peralta among others. The show finishes with a skate session in the Arizona desert on 21 foot concrete water supply pipes.

"You're young, male, and live in the city. How do you prove yourself in the most material comfortable country on earth? ... If you live in Dogtown, Los Angles, you ride a skateboard."
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    Bones Brigade skateboard.
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    Powell Peralta skateboards. New, old school and vintage Powell Peralta skateboards and decks.
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